Finally Dj Arch Jnr Replies To Rapper AKA: Here is The Touching Message From The Youngster!!


This week has been one of the hectic for the  South  Africa’s  three year-old Dj Arch jnr.

First one of the best factor occurred to him after his expertise enabled him win the SA GOT Talent award.

The entire world was joyful to see him do what he might do greatest. DEEJAYING!
South Africa showered him praises and presents to show support for the upcoming star.
As earlier reported, Rapper AKA was not happy with all that was going on with the happy Dj. He opposed every bit of success including the judges that crowned him the winner.
But here is the response from the young Dj Arch probably done by his father.

Keep Bluffing While I keep Laughing




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