My Virginity Was Taken By My Dad And I Got Pregnant At 21: Amanda Cele Opens Up About Her Nasty Past!!!

avrThe controversial blessee Amanda Cele reveals how she lost her virginity to her biological father and got pregnant at the age of 21. My Father cheated on my mother when I was 20 and my mother decided to divorce him and committed suicide after 6 months of divorce.

I chose to live with my father to keep him company since he was feeling bad and regretting cheating that lead to divorce and suicide. One day we were watching Muvhango in the morning (which is our favorite soapie!) and i was wearing a short dress and panties. I was laying on top of my father and he was busy twirling my hair like he used to do when I was very young.

(I was 21 by then) But this time I got kind of a tingly feeling as he twirled my hair around. I think he knew because he gave me that look like “are you gonna pay me back?” so I reached down my dad’s boxers and grabbed his m­anhood … you know. We pleasured each other hence we did not have s­_ex that day. After some few days things got worse and a bit awkward between me and my father obviously. Whenever I stared my eyes on him i could find myself turned red and he looked away.

A week later my father told me that he loved me and that he want me to be his wife and I never thought this was abnormal since he just got divorced and my mom committed suicide and he was lonely. So I kissed him, which was a very huge mistake because one thing led to another and we had unprotected s­_ex. I got pregnant to my girl and she is a happy kid and I thank God because my father passed away after I caught him trying to rape my daughter when she was 2 years.



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