Thieves Dig Up Mandoza’s Grave And Steal His Gold Teeth.


Thieves are reported to have dug up Mandoza’s grave at Westpark Cemetery in Randburg and used a pair of pliers to take away 3 gold teeth from the dead star’s mouth. This after word had gotten out that Mandoza’s gold teeth were made of pure gold.

Security at the cemetery got the shock of their lives on Sunday morning when they were patrolling the area and noticed Mandoza’s grave site had been tampered with. On close inspection, they realized the kwaito star’s casket had been opened. Police was immediately called to the scene and they concluded that the star’s molar gold teeth had been stolen by thieves. Mandoza had three gold teeth and rumor had it they were made of pure gold and worth hundreds of thousands of rands.

A security guard at the cemetery said “We do not know how this happened. There are only two entrances to the cemetery and it is surrounded by security walls and CCTV. No one went in through the gates and they is also regular checks around the cemetery”

Family spokesman, Mr Tshabalala, refused to comment saying the family was still in mourning and they are working closely with the police and assisting with the investigations.

The officer in charge of the cemetery also refused to share further information.

Police are also on the lookout for any teeth on sale and have advised gold buyers to inform them should anyone try and sell gold teeth to contact them on 10111.