These Incredible Pictures Will Renew Your Faith in Humanity

These pictures will bring tears to your eyes and put a smile on your face.

This police officer and protester 

They cried together in, Bulgaria in 2013.

 This demonstration of amazing sportsmanship
Meghan Vogel, a teenage track athlete from Ohio, was running a 3200 meter race when one of her opponents fell just meters from the finish line. Instead of leaving her behind, she helped her finish the race. Even though they finished in 14th and 15th places, they still received a standing ovation.

A priest trying to stop fighting in Ukraine

When police and protesters began to clash in Kiev, Ukraine, this brave Orthodox priest called for peace.

This Marine that rescued a puppy

After the puppy followed this group of soldiers for miles, one of them picked her up and carried her in his pouch back to safety.

These attendees at Chicago’s Pride parade…

This is a group of Chicago Christians who came to Chicago’s Pride parade to apologize for homophobia in their church. Some even admitted to being former homophobes. The possibility for change is within all of us!


…and this reaction from those in the parade.

Love is stronger than hate.

These Japanese elders willing to sacrifice themselves


This man offering tea to an American soldier

Despite what you might hear in the media, there are good people everywhere. This man in a village in Afghanistan offering tea to American soldiers is proof.

These people protecting their fellow citizens

During the 2011 riots in Cairo, Egypt, it was hard to stay safe, let alone find a place to pray. These Christians protected Muslims during their prayers, just as the Muslims did for the Christians.

The sharing spirit of New Yorkers after Hurricane Sandy

Access to electricity was scarce in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy so alerting family and friends of their safety was hard for most New York citizens. When possible, storeowners and homeowners with electricity shared what they had with everyone else.



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