Teko Modise’s Younger Brother Visits Doom Prophet

tekoSundowns Attacking Midfielder, Teko Modise has reportedly disowned his younger brother for embarrassing the family. This after he allegedly attended a church crusade hosted by false prophet, Prophet Lethebo.

Pictures of the young man being sprayed in the face with a can of insect repellent, went viral after people recognized him as Teko’s younger brother.

The young man reportedly attended the Saturday all-night-prayer to ask the charlatan prophet to rid him of a “gay” evil spirit that had troubled him for over three years.

Teko’s younger brother has allegedly been having an identity crisis and has been in the closet for many, many years. The youngster allowed the notorious prophet to spray doom in his face to exorcise a gay demon.

In his defense, false prophet Lethebo said: “demons and evil spirits are like insects to me, I put them under my feet and if they don’t die, I spray them with doom, fffffaaaaaah phuma satan!”

After giving a harsh tongue lashing, Teko Modise has reportedly disowned his brother and has refused him access to the rest of the family. Modise refused to comment about the matter.