SHOCKING!!! This Is What Bonang Matheba Had To Say About Dj Euphonik’s Recent Comments.

meeeAfter what Bonang has been through ,we can only admire her for her resilience and feisty .Bonang Matheba doesn’t usually discuss matters that involve her private life. However, the TV and radio personality, who is on the July cover of Marie Claire magazine, has opened up about some of the things she has gone through.

Speaking about her past relationship, she said: “I have gone through the worst pain: an ex-boyfriend having a child with someone elseduring our relationship. Being beaten. Being cheated on. Being embarrassed on social media numerous times. Everything you can imagine and then some more.”

“If this past six months had happened to me six years ago, I would be broken. I would be on the floor at my mother’s house, weeping, on a drip, using an asthma pump. I would be finished. Now it’s water off a duck’s back.”

B, who has become the target of much online hate ever since DJ Zinhle revealed in a blog post that Bonang was the reason she and her baby daddy AKA had split, admits that she has been bullied.”Every single word in the world that you can think of, I’ve been called. I’ve encountered the worst. The very worst.

DJ Euphonik has however denied claimsof ever abusing Bonang




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