SAD!!! Caster Semenya’s Gold Medal STOLEN In Brazil.

imageIn another crime-related Rio Olympics story, sources say the gold medal awarded to South African gold medalist, Caster Semenya was stolen from the hotel room the 25 year old phenom stayed.

This incident comes after a British Olympian complained on live tv that Caster has an unfair advantage over other female athletes. This was after Caster had won the 800m final.

Semenya is reportedly “heartbroken,” but believes the thieves will “do the right thing” and return the medal. A request has been made to the IOC to issue replacement medals. “It won’t be the same though,” said Semenya.

In a show of solidarity, Semenya’s fellow countryman, Wayde van Viekerk offered to share his gold medal with Semenya. “I made a calendar and each one of us had six months to ‘rotate’ the medal, but she wouldn’t let me do it,” said Wayde.

In July, Rio-bound tourists were issued security warnings. Authorities said safety could not be guaranteed, because police officers and firefighters had not been paid. Police greeted tourists at Rio’s airport with a “Welcome to Hell” sign.

Athletes are encouraged not to wear clothing items identifying themselves as Olympic participants while exploring areas of the city outside of the Olympic Village.



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