Robert Marawa And Zoe Mthiyane FINALLY ‘Unite’ For Their Son.

VRDIt seems like Robert Marawa and his baby mama Zoe Mthiyane have buried the hatchet for the sake of their son.

In what can be dubbed as a surprise turn of events between the duo- Robert and Zoe have shared the cutest family pictures of them celebrating their son’s 5th birthday.

Robert and Zoe made headlines last year after the pair got embroiled in a rather public war of words.

Zoe publicly bashed Robert in an open letter posted on social media.

This led to a nasty exchange of words between them, which reportedly turned into a legal battle.

However, judging by pictures taken at their son’s birthday this past weekend, it seems like their differences have been left in the past.

Both Robert and Zoe were all smiles, with Zoe even thanking “daddy” for the scrumptious lunch on her son’s behalf.



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