Revealed: Illuminati Killed Sfiso Ncwane For Failing To Sacrifice His Mother And Sister.

Gospel singer Sfiso Ncwane knew he was going to be killed by illuminate after failing several times to sacrifice his biological mother & sister because his mother and sister were too prayerful that illuminati or satanic charms couldn’t kill them.

In 2015 the ‘Kulungile Baba’ hit maker said “when i die, i don’t want my biological mother and sister to be present when i am laid rest.”

A Times LIVE report suggests that the Ncwane family feud that has been widely published has ‘reached point of no return’.

Sfiso was highly criticised recently following reports that he bought his pastor a Mercedes Benz that costs almost R2million while his own mother does not have food.

According to a Drum Magazine report seen by Times LIVE, Sfiso was arguing with his step sister Sbahle Ncwane via SMS over Sfiso refusing to attend a family meeting.

Sfiso allegedly sent a text saying: “I will never come home again.”

“Should I die first you must not come to my funeral. You can also keep the surname, Ncwane

Sfiso hated his mother and sister so much simply because he was failing to kill them for him to be promoted in the illuminati world and to have more money.