Rapper Emtee KICKED OUT Of MUVHANGO For ‘Horrible Acting’ And ‘Eating Too Much’!

emtee (1)Muso Emtee da hustler has been booted out of in style SABC soapie, Muvhango after an outcry from followers for his ‘horrible’ appearing expertise.

We are advised administration weren’t too proud of him as nicely amidst allegations that the rapper would come to work excessive as a kite and would eat a ‘lot of food’ whereas on set.

“They said he was always asking for a smoke break and if they denied him the leave, he would sneak into the bathroom only to lock himself up and roll up a blunt, reportedly returning with bloodshot eyes and demanding eye drops and more food, ” stated a mole.

One of the primary characters on the soapie revealed what she stated was the “real reason” why Emtee’s contract was prematurely terminated.

“It’s true Emtee would come to work high and make lots of unreasonable demands about food on set but that was not much of a concern because the executives only hired him hoping that he would attract a lot of young people to watch Muvhango, but after the bad reception of his mediocre acting skills they changed their minds real quick”.

She added. “So they fired him under the pretext that he was using illegal drugs(weed) at work”.

We bumped onto Emtee and requested him how he felt about being fired and he simply shrugged and stated “Whatever man”

Now there’s a rumor that Emtee’s half on Muvhango goes to be taken over by one red-hot rapper with a ponytail.




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