R.I.P NASTY C !!!! How NASTY C Sold His Soul To The Devil!!!


The pressure of being successful in an industry where immense talent is present has become an obstacle for many. With many being forced to use secret weapons to counter competition.

Most have been known to join the underworld secret societies so as to sell more records and become more famous.

Recently 19 year old Rapper Nasty C, has succumbed to this phenomenon by signing a deal with the devil himself.

The 19 year old got a record deal offer from the record label Roc Nation owned by hip hop’s finest Jay-z due to his incredible talent. He got a call from Jay-z’s cousin himself.

If you’re living under a rock,Jay-z is known to introduce celebs to secret societies whereby it is alleged that they sell their souls to the devil so as to acquire all the pleasures offered by life.

Case in point prior to Beyonce meeting Jay she had that choir girl appeal but ever since her encounter with the rap mogul sparked off the sky has been the limit for the songstress and she changed spontaneously becoming a s_x symbol; so is Rhianna and many more.

If this is anything to go by it is expected that Nasty C will shine however, the downside is that he is now enslaved to his masters in the underworld.

This has taken a toll on many who sign in oblivious of the negative effects hence turning into drugs and substance abuse to rid themselves of guilt.

We hope any of this doesn’t occur to the younger rapper.