Photos: A Couple With 5 Children Only Girls And All Of Them Are Lawyers.

v433Photographer, Jonah Ajigo of Bootmatrix Photography who took these beautiful photos shared the amazing story of a Nigerian couple and their five girls who are all lawyers.

Here’s what he wrote, “And now, the story I was waiting for. Tor & Berry met about 35 years ago, and they decided to dedicate their lives to God… for a while it seemed like God was just minding his business and ignoring them.

He gave them 5 children, 5 girls… and we all know Nigeria; they don’t think much of the girl child.
Anyway, fast forward a few years and God decided to shut everyone up!!!!! Ladies and gents I’d like to introduce you to the first parents in Nigeria (I stand corrected) who have 5 KIDS, All GIRLS, All LAWYERS!!!”



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