Pearl Thusi Touching Tribute To Her Mom That Will Make You Cry (PHOTO).

This week Pearl Thusi took to social media to express her love for her deceased mum.In the picture Perl is smiling while standing next to her mother’s grave site. In a heart wrenching statement she said,

“This is a part of my world I never share.
But today I felt compelled to share a message. I see how people take their moms for granted sometimes. And my heart breaks.
This is where my mother rests. And the most I can do now is to clean this cold surface that lies there in her memory.
I know she’s watching over me but I would love to have her back. I’d do anything. For her to be back and my daughter to meet her grandmother.

So, to everyone who’s mother is still around, please love and appreciate her. I’d do absolutely anything to just make her a cup of tea. Even for her to shout at me.
The day she passed on was like an intense and vivid nightmare that still has not ended. I’m still waiting to wake up and tell her about it.
I want to call her and tell her how he broke my heart. How I’ve met someone. What happened at work.
Cook together. Laugh together. Cry together.
But it will NEVER happen.

So while you can. Make it happen. Enjoy her. Love her. Let her shout. Make her laugh. Spoil her.




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