Pearl Thusi GIVES Emtee Her Used Underwear

d4After red-hot rapper, Emtee publicly declared his crush on the sexy TV personality, Pearl Thusi, we have learned that the milf-as it were- has given the youngster a ‘gift’ he will never forget!

According to our sources, just after the video shoots for Emtee’s hit track, Pearl Thusi, the voluptuous Thusi decided to ease the young rapper’s crush with her underwear.

..and he gladly accepted it.

The panties she gave him were reportedly the one she had been wearing as they shot the video.

Moles tell us that, Emtee-also a single father- was so happy he even smelled the panties right there and then and revealed that he felt more blessed than ever.

Reached for a comment, Pearl confirmed the ‘incident’ but laughed it off and said she was just feeling naughty at the time, adding that the whole thing was more of a prank. ” I have always had this fantasy and but don’t read much into it. There were no plans, it just kind of happened. We were just having  fun, but there was no harm, I mean we are both adults aren’t we?”

She added, ” I am not sure if he is a fan of panties, or even if he is into that sort of thing, but he seemed very pleased and we all laughed about it. He thanked me and said he would keep them as a souvenir. He is a great lad and we always have a good time when we hang out”.

Efforts to reach Emtee for a comment were fruitless at the time of writing this satirical article.



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