Oros Mampofu (Jama) Speaks Up About How It Feels To Be Homosexual.

oros-kiss2Oros Mampofu popular for his character on skeem saam as Jama has opened up about his gay character on season one of Igazi which played on mzansi magic not so long ago.

He played the character of a gay man called Phila and he was seen passionately kissing another man as part of the play. The kiss looked so passionate and it left a couple of his fans wondering if he could be bisexual. The gay community was so in love with the scene that they even opened a Facebook fan page just to appreciate the young man who they say represented them well.

However Oros spoke to Sowetan live about the character…He says that he did it for the love of the craft and he also researched the gay community so that he understands the character better and be able to give what’s expected of him.

As straight as he is he says that he respects the gay community and sees nothing wrong with homosexuality.