OMG! Obama’s 16-Year-Old Daughter Malia Confirmed Pregnant.

26666The White House has has not seen a baby since 1884 but is all that set to change? There were claims on the net that Malia, President Barrack Obama’s teenage daughter is expecting.

The 16-year-old is allegedly in her second trimester while her mother, Michelle, apparently sees nothing wrong about it. The report also claimed that the U.S. First Lady said that teen pregnancy had been running in the family as her “mother-in-law had Barack when she was 18.” Even though she is going to be a granny much earlier than she planned, she said that the White House had not seen a baby since 1884, the report further claimed.

These are some of the pics that fueled claims that Malia is already making some night moves alone.Obama even admitted that he’s lamenting the prospect of Malia going on “dates.”



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