I did not choose to be a president, being a president chose me: Zuma

01-04-12-jacob-zumaStanding outside his home in Nkandla on Sunday afternoon, President Jacob Zuma indicated to journalists who visited him that he did not choose to be a president, it chose him.

“I knew growing up that I will be a leader. I believe I was born for this. Even way before I was born, I think it was set that I will be born and be a president. I hear people complaining about my leadership style, but I don’t think they know how hard it is to lead a nation.My style is unique, whether they like it or not, I will lead, I was born to do this.” said Zuma.

Msholozi also stated that he did not vote for himself, the people of South Africa voted for him, because they love him.

Msholozi concluded his short interview by singing “Mshini wami” for the journalists.