Manaka Ranaka (Lucy From Generations) Is Getting Married To A Ben 10 Who Is 9 Years Younger.

v412Johannesburg – Manaka Ranaka and her man are head-over-heels in love, so don’t be surprised if you soon hear wedding bells.

Manaka was the talk of the town a while back, when it was revealed that she was dating a man 9 years her junior, Thabo Monareng.

But in a tell all-chat with Move recently, the couple say they are not phased by the rumours and are happy. In fact, they could soon be walking the aisle.

‘I have never hidden my relationship with Thabo, we go to events together and we hold hands in public. We even have pictures of us together on social networks. Thabo is not living off me. He has a good job and comes from a good family,” she says.

Meanwhile, Thabo credits Manaka with saving him from himself.

He admits that he was in a bad space when he met her, but she stole his heart.

“I never thought the relationship was going to last this long”, he admits. “I was shocked when I found myself deeply in love within a short time. Manaka showed me real love. She knows how to take care of a man”.

It is these traits that Thabo wants in his future wife, and that’s why he says he is preparing now for the right time to pop the question.

“She is the only woman who knows how to ground me. I will be popping the question any time from now,” he told the mag.



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