Khulubuse Zuma’s Flight Delayed After Flight Crew Struggled To Find Seat Belt Extender


News that just came in reveal that Khulubuse Zuma, the nephew of President Jacob Zuma, delayed a flight at OR Tambo International Airport on Monday afternoon after a seat belt that could accommodate him could not be found.

Sources reveal that the flight was delayed for about 2 hours while the flight crew scrambled to find a seat belt extender.

Fellow passengers just figured they were delayed as crew members explained that the plane cannot take off if some of the passengers are not wearing seat belts. After an hour  and forty five minutes of waiting, the flight eventually took off. As the engines struggled to take off with the extra weight, the plane finally made it into the air safety.

Zuma waited patiently while eating a bag of Doritos. “There were no chips left, he just ate the bag,” revealed one of the passengers.