Kanye West Kidnapped, Placed In Mental Hospital For Exposing Illuminati.

Pop star hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation after expressing support for Trump

Alex Jones discusses how Kanye West was forcibly placed in a mental hospital after he went on a pro-Trump rant at a recent concert. He explains how this is Nazi style where people in the resistance are kidnapped and drugged in psychiatric institutions to control them.

Kanye West cut short a Sacramento concert with an epic 15-minute speech where he railed against the state of the music industry, politics, and the internet, Facebook and Google. “They will write about this, try to say I am a rapper. Trying to say I am less than a philosopher. The rappers are the philosophers of our time. There is possibilities, don’t believe everything you see on the internet. Information that can have you wrong as fuck as everyone was days ago. Do you ever want to be blindsided as we all were days ago…stop believing what you read.” “They are going to say I am ranting…”