“I am Nolonger Safe In South Africa, ” Says Zuma, Plans To Flee To Dubai!!!

nggEconomic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema says that he has received “unconfirmed reports” that president Jacob Zuma is planning to flee South Africa.

The politician tweeted late on Sunday night that the party has received unconfirmed reports that “Zuma wants to leave the country and seek asylum in Dubai because he doesn’t feel safe in his country.”

According to Businesstech, Malema previously claimed that Zuma had acted as bagman for the Guptas on a recent trip to Dubai, helping move R6 billion offshore using his diplomatic cover.

“Zuma was in UAE recently in Dubai. That was not an official visit, it was a personal one. Zuma took money to UAE. That is where they are dumping money. The Guptas have taken R6bn to Dubai,” Malema told reporters at a press conference following the Constitutional Court judgment against Zuma.

“Zuma goes to Dubai on some unexplained trip. Why did Zuma go to Dubai? Because when Zuma travels, he doesn’t get searched by customs. He left with bags of money to be dumped in Dubai. That is where they are dumping our money with the Guptas.”

The Presidency said Zuma had gone to the UAE for a working visit. It was said he was set to hold talks with UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and with the country’s business community to consolidate political and economic ties and promote South Africa as a tourism destination

Zuma’s visit to the UAE followed a two­ day state visit to Saudi Arabia.



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