Finally Bonang Responds To Pearl Thusi’s Criticism

gThe media personality has thrown some major shade at Pearl…
Bonang Matheba has finally broken her silence on Pearl Thusi.
For the last couple of months, Pearl has had a lot to say about Bonang, even revealing why they don’t get along.
The Live Amp host told Gareth Cliff in an interview: “It’s a thing of finding out the stuff a person has been saying or doing without you even knowing. You know like a ‘snake in the grass’ type of thing, where you’re like… ’Hawu, I thought we were indifferent about each other’.
“Because we were like kind of cool with each other, hanging out in London during that Pharrell thing and then break-ups happen and then you find out things from the people who shouldn’t have told you about those things, and you’re just like, ‘Wow! You’ve dogged me so hard!'”
There was also that time when Pearl posted that spicy #AskAWoman tweet. Oh, and not forgetting that whole dress drama.

Some people have even noticed how Pearl and her co-host, Phat Joe, constantly talk about, and throw shade at Bonang on their show on Saturday mornings.

Bonang’s fans didn’t appreciate Pearl’s Shade at Queen B:gttt

Bonang’s Fan Reports The Issue To Queen B.



The war between Queen B and Pearl might be on now, stay logged in and we’ll keep you updated



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