FINALLY!!! Beyonce Replies AKA With What He Will Never Recover From!!! Internet Goes Wild!! Cassper Must Be Holding A Celebration!!!

The entertainment scene was on overdrive yesterday after the announcement that all SABC radio stations would play 90% local music.

However, the situation turned north when AKA blasted some Beyonce fans and told them that “Beyonce can kiss my South African As*”.

This did not go down well with Beyhves (Beyonce squad) who retweeted the Tweet until it got to the attention of Beyonce’s people. Beyonce responded with a list of why she would not kiss AKA’s as*

Beyonce wrote : I hear some rapper in South Africa has dared me to kiss his a*s. Here is why I will not be doing it

1. You are not Cassper Nyovest

2. You as* probably tastes like lemonade

3. You already have one Queen B kissing it

The message was retweeted countless times13179301_930311877066418_5866719195422812682_n

We wait to see how AKA will responds



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