EXPOSED: Khanyi Mbau Dumped By Boyfriend Because She Can’t Get Wet Anymore.

hjjjThey say love has got nothing to with s_ex because love is greater than s_ex. Then a wiser person said only v_irgins will say such things.

Even the most beautiful and s_exiest ladies know without a doubt that looks will get you the right amount of attention from men but keeping them is another story . So s_ex has to be good and on point or you’ll lose him .your looks are just a bonus ladies not a keeper machine.

Khanyi Mbau comes clean about why she got dumped. I’m so used to dating old and tired tigers that s_ex wasn’t much of a necessity. You give mdala a good hand job for 2minutes and that’s all the satisfaction needed.

I didn’t realise I had a s_exual disorder until very recent when I started dating guys of the same age as me. My boyfriend got very angry at me because for the past five months I’ve been dry no matter how much he tries.

We went to several Gynaecologists who unfortunately couldn’t help me with my problem. One day the man I’ve been planning my entire future with then told me that he can’t go on with me anymore. I’m unable to satisfy him so he will go and get satisfactory elsewhere but he doesn’t want to do it with me still in the pic and hurt me.

Anyone who can help our sister deal with her problem please kindly help her out. We miss the sparkly,loud and bubbly girl who’s love for finer things in life is on point.