EXPOSED: Drug Addict Trevor Gumbi Takes Cocaine, FU.CKS His Lover Till She Faints.

imageTV personality Trevor Gumbi (36) is one of the few celebrities in Mzansi who have come out to talk openly about their drug addiction. The actor and comedian, who started using cocaine in 2001, shares with Move! that he has been living drug-free for four years now.

Speaking together with his wife Lucille Gumbi (33) about his drug addiction, Trevor admits that his drug battle almost cost him his wife and family.

There were also reports that once Trevor got high on drugs, he would his wife for 10 hours. It was further reported that at one time he raved his wife until she nearly fainted due to his drug abuse.

Trevor says he was hooked on drugs the moment he started using them.

“I started off doing drugs once a month when I got paid, then it became an all-weekend thing and before I knew it, it became a daily thing,” he says.

“My addiction had a big effect on my relationship with my family and loved ones. I started to distance myself from them because I felt they would see right through me.”

The star says that when he was on drugs he did anything to get his next fix; he went as far as selling his own furniture.

“I used to live in a flat which was fully furnished but my habit left it empty because I sold most of my furniture,” he says.

Trevor, who has been married for 10 years, says he was so good in hiding that he was using drugs that his wife did not suspect anything.

“When we met 16 years ago, I was using occasionally and she didn’t know I was using,” he says.


The couple have gone through the tough times but they have managed to survive all the negativity and bad publicity.

“When Trevor first revealed that he was on drugs, I realised how good he was at lying to have kept quiet for so long,” says Lucille.

“I did not leave him because I love him and we have built a family. He also admitted that he needed help.” The couple have two boys Jamie (11) and Jodi (9) who they love dearly and have tried to protect throughout Trevor’s recovery.

Lucille says, “My children were really not aware of what was going on because we could visit him in rehab and we would just say daddy was ill. We said he was at the hospital to get better. We don’t know how far they believed it.”

“I supported my husband and now we are happier,” she adds.

Trevor says there is a misconception when it comes to understanding what an addiction is and that it is not about race or colour.
“The important thing to know about addiction is that it is not about class or race. Most people think that drugs are prevalent in the entertainment industry but that is not the case,” says Trevor.

“It’s just that in the entertainment industry the people are well-known so if they do hit rock-bottom everybody hears about it.”

Trevor is also part of a dramacomedy called The Sober Companion that plays on SABC3 on Mondays at 9pm.

“Our show is based on the 12 steps of recovery as taught in rehab. We follow the same steps so every episode is based on a step. We draw a lot of inspiration from my recovery, what I went through and what my family went through,” he says.

“The cool thing about this show is that we look into all kinds of addictions such as sex, shopping and gambling.”



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