How Emtee’s Girlfriend Feels About The Song “Pearl Thusi”

TG5After Emtee dropped his second single from Avery called Pearl Thusi and in the song, the award winning rapper talks about how he wants an independent girl like Pearl Thusi, a lot of us were wondering and curious to know how his girlfriend felt about Emtee singing about other woman. Well it’ about time, we have discovered how Emtee’s baby mama feels about the song “Pearl Thusi”.

Emtee’s girlfriend supports his hustle and you know what they say, behind every successful man there is a woman is very understanding. LOL! Ok, we just made that one up but there’s no doubt that his girlfriend is his number fan.

We found a post on her wall where she highly rated Emtee’s album and we couldn’t hep but notice her caption which spoke volume about how she feels about her man’s album, Avery. She wrote: “#Avery track list is too lit!!!”

So it’s obvious that she also likes the song “Pearl Thusi” and doesn’t have a problem with it. Well, we know that a lot of women would take offense. But not Emtee’s girl.

#Avery track list is too lit!!!

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