Breaking :Thoko Didiza Escapes Death, Car Shot (Shocking PHOTOS).

R48Thoko Didiza escapes death- Nominated Tshwane Mayoral candidate Thoko Didiza escaped death with a whisker when her vehicle was showered with bullets in the early hours of Wednesday at a shopping mall closer to her Pretoria residence.

Close sources to the ex- minister revealed that she wasn’t in the car.

“This political unrest is troubling us as a family, we are a peace loving family, Thoko is a mother of five, caring and loving. The people have rejected her and she is doing everything she can to get the nomination cancelled. She is not a weak person but for the sake of peace, she gave in.

“They nearly killed her driver with bullets, for what?? Is a nomination worthy to take someone’s life? We have had enough of this and it has to come to an end,” she said.

It is alleged that the driver escaped the terror unharmed and a police case has been open prior to the incident.

Efforts to contact the Police were fruitless.
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