BREAKING: Ayanda FINALLY Reveals The Real Disease That Killed Sfiso Ncwane, It Wasn’t Kidney Failure, Nation Shocked


Durban – Ayanda Ncwane, the late Kulungile Baba hitmaker’s wife left the nation in shock after she went on social media to tell her followers what exactly took the life of her late husband Sfiso who passed on about two weeks ago.

According to Ayanda’s Twitter handle, although Sfiso had a problem with his kidneys, he had a heart attack on a fateful Monday morning when he was about to take a bath and was rushed to hospital where he was later announced dead after a short period.

”Kidneys don’t kill instantly like a gun,they kill you slowly,it’s unfortunate that the nation was fed with inaccurate information, what I know is that my husband had a heart attack and eventually didn’t make it,get me right,I don’t deny the fact that my husband had issues with his kidneys, if you think I’m lying ask Sfiso’s doctor”, said Ayanda.

”But why telling us all this now ? Whats the use ? Why did you leave the media feeding toxic information to the nation and start to say this nonsense after this lengthy period ?You need deliverance”, fumed Ayanda’s follower who goes by the name @jabdube on the giant social network.

Ayanda’s tweet which attracted over 500 re-tweets in less than 30 minutes has since dominated the social media, with majority baying for her blood.