Bonang Furious After Finding Love Messages Between AKA And Somizi.

uioooooooooooooBonang and Somizi’s beef has taken a new twist after alleged love messages between AKA and Somizi got leaked to the public.

Queen B, as she is affectionately known as, is said to have stumbled upon the messages when she used AKA’s phone recently. The saucy messages, according to a source, spoke about how Somizi missed AKA and AKA also responded that he misses Somizi too.

“I miss you my Forby”, read one of the messages. AKA’s real name is Kiernan Jarryd Forbes. He (AKA) responded, “can’t talk now”.

The source said Bonang feels cheated despite the fact that AKA told her there was nothing going on. Friends do miss each other. Former BFF, Somizi and Bonanga relationship had a dramatic breakup when Somizi accused Bonang of telling people about his ‘business’.

“Then one morning I wake up and she’s not talking to me and I then hear from people that she unfollowed me on Twitter and on Instagram, hawu. The last time I had spoken to this person she was in Mauritius the night before telling me how much she misses me and then the next thing dololo.”, Somizi said at the time