Boity Thulo FINALLY Opens Up About Life Without Casper Nyovest.

bt4Since calling it quits with her rapper on and off bae Cassper, Boity has done a lot. Buying a mini mansion, a new Merc, bagged a new show and became a Sangoma. It’s safe to say she’s doing pretty well but here’s what she had to say about it all. Boity opens up about life after Cassper Nyovest.

Speaking to Drum Boity said she is in a good place and not dating anyone. Asked if she sees a future again with the rapper, Boity had this to say.

“We are not robots and it doesn’t matter now. I am very happy. I live in my pretty little home, I’ve got this cute little car and my work is going very well. I’m just a happy person.”

The beauty maintains there’s no bad blood between the two. “It’s not like we hate each other or are enemies. We have explained the reasons for the break-up, but we are still friends.”



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