Babes Wodumo Messes Her Pants In A Mango Flight

m3333Wololo star Babes Wodumo made national headlines early this week when she took her maiden flight from Durban’s King Shaka International Airport to Cape Town International Airport with her supposedly fince, Mampithsa.


However, an air hostess in the Mango flight in which Babes was in has revealed shocking details which indicate that Bongakele (Babes Wodumo) messed her pants and had the whole plane smelling like kak throughout the 2 hours flight. West Inks’ Wodumo and Mapinthsa are both scared of flying that they have had to cancel shows that were out of driving range.

The couple however took a gig in Cape Town and because of engagements in Durban, it meant they had to fly to Cape Town to honor their contract. First timer Babes Wodumo would not contain her bowels as it is reported she let rip a foul sticking kaka that engulfed the whole plane. An air hostess said “Yooh Babes Wodumo kaked in her pants and flies were buzzing everywhere when we landed. She was in the vip but even those in economy lounge would smell the stench. I almost fainted”.

Another passenger who was in the same flight said Mapinthsa tried to diffuse the situation. ‘he was laughing and singing Wololo while Wodumo looked down in embarrassment. Te whole thing was a mess”

LiveMonitor tried to call Babes Wodumo’s manager but he refused to comment citing that he was not part of the crew that traveled to Cape Town therefore he could not comment.

Source : LiveMonitor