AKA In War With Beyonce! This Is Getting Interesting.

akaaOnly two weeks after taking on the local Beyhive head-on, rapper AKA has once again ruffled feathers with Beyoncé fans, declaring “Beyoncé can kiss my South African ass.” The rapper was responding to news that the SABC had decided to change its quota of local music from 60 to 90 percent from Thursday.

Sharing the good news with his Twitter followers, AKA wrote: “This is the greatest victory in the history of the South African music industry. I’m sure the big record companies are pissed …. They still have to sell Beyoncé and Rihanna albums etc ya know

But one follower didn’t take kindly to AKA mentioning Beyoncé’s name and told him to “Keep Beyoncé’s name out of your mouth! ”

Never one to back down from a fight, AKA responded by telling the fan: “Beyoncé can kiss my South African ass! You piece of sh*t”, while asking another fan: “Are you brain dead? ARE YOU??? The greatest news in SA music has just broken and you want to talk about Beyoncé.”

This is not the first time that AKA has chosen to upset the loyal group of Beyoncé fans, known as the Beyhive. Just two weeks ago AKA told Beyoncé’s fans off after they reacted to his tweet thanking Drake for wiping Beyoncé’s Lemonade off his timeline. He ended his attack on the hive by mockingly declaring “Treat me like Beyoncé.”

AKA’s most recent comments come after an announcement by the SABC on Wednesday that, in an effort to ensure local content reflects the diversity of South African cultures, it would play 90% local music across its 18 radio stations from Thursday.

Talking to TMG Entertainment on Wednesday, SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago said that the new policy would be in place for three months to test local audience response and would potentially pave the way for stations to make a more formal change to their policy going forward.

“The SABC will engage its audiences to evaluate whether the audiences are satisfied with these changes. This process will pave the way for the corporation to make an informed decision going forward,” the station also said in a statement.




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