6 Most Beautiful Daughters Of Some African Presidents. You Need To Check This Out

Africa is particularly known for its beautiful women worldwide. But the question is… Do the upper class have such qualities? For sure!! check out these beautiful daughters of african presdents.


Kagame studied abroad, away from the public eye where she completed her education, due to security and privacy reasons. She majored in Political science and minored in African studies in Smith College. Kagame excelled in school and was known to be considerate and amiable by her friends. She also knows how to speak three languages which include English, French and Kinyarwanda.



Brenda Biya is the only daughter of the Cameroonian President, Paul Biya and glamorous First Lady Chantal Biya. She has got her mother’s beauty with an infectious smile and out standing looks.


3 daughter
Isabel is one of Africa’s only female billionaires and also the youngest. She is 40 years old. She has amassed so much wealth by gaining stakes in Angola’s strategic industries like banking, cement, diamonds and telecom, which has made her the most influential business person in Angola.More
than half of her assets are held in publicly traded Portuguese companies, making her even more credible. When her position was shaken by FORBES in January, the issue was treated as a national news.


2 daughter
Bona Mugabe the daughter of President Mugabe of Zimbabwe, and Chairman of African Union, is married to Simba Chikore. She went to the University of Hong Kong where she studied accounting and finally did her postgraduate studies in banking and finance at the Singapore institute of
management. 24 year Bona got married in March 2014 at the family’s private house at Harare’ Plush Borrowadale neighborhood. This was an opportunity for visitors to have a glimpse at Mugabe’s multi million mansion. Bona now works with Alpha and Omega Dairy in Mazowe.


5 daughter
Malika Bonko is the first born of President AL Bongo Ondima of Gabon. This beauty queen has a lot more to offer other than her beauty. She inspires less previlege women in her country and is also a passionate Social and Women right activist.

6 daughter
President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta and Wife Lady Margaret Wanjiru have Ngina Kenyatta as only daughter. She was named after her grandmother Mama Ngina Kenyatta. This elegant and controversial lady is fond of socializing. She is often seen at several social gatherings, and this draws a lot of attention towards her.




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