OMG!!! What this DUBAI billionaires do with their Money will Make You Re-Think your Existence..or atleast your Defination of being RICH.

If you want to live a luxury life, then Dubai could be the perfect place for you. It is the most expensive city in the Middle East. Back in 1992 most of the land in Dubai was mostly plain desert but now it changes a lot. Infrastructure of Dubai is just breath-taking.

Their culture also shows how rich they are. Having a Ferrari and Lamborghini lining-up in the streets is like a normal day from them and even their police force are using it. If you don’t want to believe then you need to see the proofs below:

 Having a cheetah as your pet.


Now, that’s an interesting mode of transportation. Quite cruel infact…


 Playing with your exotic pet on a Ferrari


 Playing Tennis here…coz we can… 😉

Gold-plated SUV


“Oh, i’m just parking my camel here…Do you mind?”

pic_001 (1)

Want to avoid traffic? Just transport your car by helicopter. Duh!!!


Gold is just so ordinary. Gold is not gold in Dubai.


You can get this sight only and only in Dubai




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